Magdalena at The Ivy: Hidden Gem inside a Boutique Hotel

March 2,


The Restaurant

Magdalena is a fine-dining Bistro located at The Ivy Hotel right in the heart of Historic Mount Vernon – Baltimore. It’s Chef, Mark Levy, showcases delicious french-influenced dishes that are worth the visit.

My husband came across this restaurant’s web page when looking for a special place to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. We are food enthusiasts and love trying new places when we can. Just by looking at the food pictures and reviews, this restaurant seemed like a perfect fit for the occasion.  It was a last minute call since we weren’t sure that we could find a babysitter for the night.  My husband called Friday night hoping to get a table next day.  Luckily, the staff was very nice and happy to accomodate us.


The Bar

The restaurant is composed of 5 dining areas: the Garden Room-where we were seated, the Wine Cellar, the Treasury, the Courtyard-which was closed, and the Bar. Each room had a distinct decor and personality. My favorite room was the Treasury, which had a very romantic and intimate vibe. According to our server Justin, you can request to be seated at a any of their rooms when making reservations. Next time we go, I will definitely request a table there!

Wine Cellar

Getting to Magdalena – at the corner of Calvert and Biddle was easy.  They offer complimentary valet parking – which is a must these days.  We arrived at the Hotel at 6:15 p.m. on Saturday night.

Food Experience

All dishes are a la carte, with no prix-fixed options. They have enough variety of dishes including steak, lamb, seafood and a vegetarian dish. We were asked about any dietary restrictions, I assume that, if requested,  the Chef will modify dishes to accommodate those. If you are curious, take a peek at their menu here.

What We Ate


Italian Country Bread

We started our dinner with home-made Italian Country Bread -According to our server, it is the Sous Chef’s family recipe. The bread was nice and soft inside and had a delicious crunchy crust.

Raw & Shellfish Platter

Raw and Shellfish Platter – Stellar Bay and Kusshi Oysters, Russian Pancakes, Paradise Shrimp, Curried Mussels and Salmon, Octopus & Stone Bass Aguachile. A beautiful metal dish full of ice with a bunch of seafood goodies surrounded by sauces and lemon wedges.  We didn’t care too much for the shrimp but besides that, everything else was excellent. The oysters were delicious.  We slipped those into our mouth with our eyes closed – yum! Our favorite was-hands down- the Aguachile. The fish and octopus were so tender and the acidity level was perfect.  This is a great starter choice for seafood lovers like us.  


Seared Scallops with Tandoori Spice and Shitake Fried Rice

Seared Scallops with Tandoori Spice and Shitake Fried Rice– with Thai basil & young green peppercorn. The scallops were too “browned” for my taste, but overall the flavors came together nicely and it was an enjoyable dish. The fried rice was delicious. It had a nice nutty flavor. I wanted more.

Steamed Chesapeake Rockfish

Steamed Chesapeake Rockfish

Hubby ordered the Steamed Chesapeake Rockfish-with sweet and sour pineapple cream, shrimp dumpling, kimchi & white pepper. This dish was super delicate. I stole  way too many bites from his plate.


Stumptown Coffee Panna Cotta

Stumptown Coffee Panna Cotta – with coconut sorbet and Cinnamon churros. First of all I have to say, what a nice touch to add an edible “Happy Anniversary” tag to our desserts! This dessert was good but not my favorite.

Banana and Dulce de Leche Tart

Banana and Dulce de Leche Tart – with milk chocolate and lemon ice cream. I am a dulce de leche lover, so my eyes went straight to this dessert.  I loved every single bite.  It didn’t disappoint!

Final Thoughts

Overall this restaurant met our expectations. Service was excellent, the ambiance was lovely and the food delicious. We ate, drank, laugh and had a wonderful-much needed time. The price range is high, thus worth it for  a special celebration.

Have you been to Magdalena? Tell me about your experience below. What restaurant in Baltimore should I try next? I am curious to know what other people reccomend.


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